August 20th – Animal Trustees had their cookie showdown.

1st Prize Best Overall Cookie and Best Tasting Cookie – Barbara Madrigal – Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.

Barbara Madrigal and Jynx

Barbara Madrigal and JynxBest Tasting - Barbara Madrigal -Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.

Congratulations Barbara!!!

Photos are of Barbara and her super cute dog Jynx as well as her winning cookie.  Mmmmm.

Winning Cookie - Barbara's Peanut Butter Ball

Winning Cookie - Barbara's Peanut Butter Ball

Great job and thank you to everyone else who participated!

These were our other winning cookie makers:

Best Overall Cookie: 2nd – (Tie) Kevin Farr – Lemon Drops, Mike Bell – Chocolate Cranberry.
Prettiest: Sara Kinsey – Homemade decorated sugar cookies.
Special Category: Most Creative – Jill Klucher.
Best Dog Cookie: Lone Star Meat & Peanut Butter Cookies – Sara Kinsey.

As you can see we had a ton of great entries!

Cookies: Bunches of Human cookie entries - two Dog cookie entries

Cookies: Bunches of Human cookie entries - two Dog cookie entries

Troy Menchhofer with Southwest Solutions Group

Troy Menchhofer with Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest Solutions Group generously donated a wonderful new filing system to our Surgery and Special Services Clinic.

Special thank yous to Vickie & Troy Menchhofer. We love the new system.

Thank you so much!

Vickie Menchhofer

Southwest Solutions Group

Dear Friends,
I am sorry to tell you that I had to cancel my retirement picnic scheduled for
July 12th, 2009.  My doctor said that I am having some problems with my heart and I cannot be out in the heat. I was looking forward to celebrating my retirement with you, but my Animal Trustees friends and my mom, Missy, agree that we must cancel the picnic so I can stay cool and relaxed.

Although I’m no longer the official spokes-dog for Animal Trustees, my commitment to helping my animal friends is as strong as ever.
I hope that you will help me help more animals this summer by making a contribution today.

I’ve set up a special 401K-9 retirement account – the Jessie’s Fund for the Animals. The money collected through this fund provides life saving veterinary care to the neediest of animals in our clinics.
And helping is as easy as a belly rub!

Just click here to make a donation on our secure server or send a donation to:

Animal Trustees of Austin

P.O. Box 14542
Austin, TX. 78761-4542

Thanks for always being there for my fellow animal friends!

Love and peace,
Jessie Rose

Animal Trustees of Austin Logo

Who Says Four Is Better Than Three

Julia and Mylo

Julia and Mylo

Mylo’s story is one of courage, inspiration and perseverance. Left on a doorstep by his owner, which fortunately lead him to the Animal Trustees of Austin. Missy McCollugh, Animal Trustees Executive Director, was contacted about this precious puppy, who seemed to have sustained a serious injury to his back leg. After being checked out, the doctor found that his leg had been broken in several places and more than likely had been this way for quite some time. In order to create the best life possible for Mylo, the doctor decided amputation was necessary. Mylo’s irresistible charm landed him in Missy’s home until he was seven months old. At this point, the stars  were beginning to align for Mylo because in another part of town, a little lady by the name of Julia came to know Mylo thanks to the Bluedog website. Even from cyberspace Julia immediately fell in love with Mylo. Julia’s Mom, Maurie, decided that Mylo was worth meeting, so after setting up the arrangements with Missy they headed over to Animal Trustees. Missy was unsure of how Mylo would be with children but he made it very clear that he had nothing but pure love for Julia and Maurie. When Maurie asked Julia if she was sure about adopting Mylo, her response was, “yes because we have enough love for a dog with three legs and it’s one less leg to worry about getting tangled up in the leash.” Thank you for making this possible.

Chef Miguel creates a magical evening featuring a gorgeous buffet, and everyone leaves with a full belly and a full heart knowing they have spent their evening helping animals in need.

Please join us at Fonda San Miguel on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 starting at 6:00 PM with a cash bar followed by a buffet dinner at 7:00 PM. $125 per person, or $700 for a table of six. For more information and to RSVP, please email or call (512) 371-1965.

On April 27, 2008, Animal Trustees of Austin held the annual fundraiser at Fonda San Miguel restaurant. Thanks to Tom Gilliland, owner of Fonda San Miguel and Janice Harris, the restaurant’s office manager, we were able to entertain our guest once more with a lavish vegetarian buffet in true Fonda style. We also had a lively raffle which included many wonderful items, such as a $500 gift certificate to Calvin’s Fine Jewelers, an overflowing Aveda gift basket from Avalon Salon and a weekend boarding with bath at Barking Hound Village.

The raffle was overshadowed by the conversation piece of the evening – a dazzling dog house created entirely of candy by Gilbert Johnson and Tino Ramirez from the Chocolate Bar in Houston, featuring our spokesdog, Jessie Rose, in each little window. One hundred and seventy supporters from near and far turned out for this successful and delicious event. Thanks you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festivities. We were able to raise over $20,000 to help keep animals in Central Texas healthy and well. Fonda San Miguel

Weather: Indoors
Estimated Attendance: 100-200
Contact Information: Call Shir Laves  at 512.371.1965 or email Shir@AnimalTrustees.org

Garfield: A Lover and a Fighter


Garfield’s curly whiskers may be his way of showing his appreciation. After surviving a tragic house fire, Garfield now resides in the loving care of the Animal Trustees of Austin so that he can receive hydrotherapy treatment for his burned paws. Don’t worry; we can assure you that no cat on the planet is more overjoyed to feel better. From the beginning of his stay, when most other cats would be understandably grumpy, this sweet boy made biscuits with his little raw feet! His story can be shared thanks to your generous donations.

This April, Missy McCullough, Animal Trustees’ Executive Director, received a phone call informing her that Garfield had been trapped in a house fire, where he sustained serious burns on his paws and needed immediate medical care. Tragically, his owners had lost everything in the fire and were not able to provide the emergency care he needed. Garfield spent one night in the hospital and then headed over to Animal Trustees of Austin where he has been ever since. Garfield will need about another week of treatment before he can go home to his family.
As donors, you are the heartbeat of this organization and our animal friends thank you a million times over for all that you do. Stories such as Garfield’s would not be possible without your donations to our Emergency Care Fund.

In order to serve you better and shorten the wait on Saturdays, we now have two veterinarians on staff! Additionally, we’ve extended our hours on Sundays, from 10am – 6pm so we will be able to see more clients.

Dr. Alysia Van ScoyWe welcome Dr. Alysia Van Scoy to our team at the Wellness Clinic! Dr. Van Scoy received her Bachelors degree in Veterinary Science from Texas A&M University, and then graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. She has been practicing in and around the Austin area ever since. She is excited to become part of the Animal Trustees Family and believes that by educating people on preventative care, we can better the lives of numerous pets in our community.

Discounted Parvo Vaccinations for Austin Puppies!
Please stop by our clinic from Sunday April 26 to Saturday, May 2 and receive 50% off the vaccination that protects against Parvovirus. ($10 vet exam fee still applies).

We now offer affordable teeth cleaning!
For the health and welfare of your dogs and cats, call Lisa Foust at (512) 450-0111 and schedule your pet’s teeth cleaning today.

Free Spay and Neuter for Cats only! During the following weeks:

  • May 6 through the 9th
  • June 3rd through the 6th
  • July 8th through the 11th

Call today (512) 450-0111 or schedule your appointment online at www.AnimalTrustees.org.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your pets at our clinics soon and we wish you a happy and healthy spring!